Mary Baker Shaw Dreamkeeper Award


Mary Baker Shaw TCC Foundation


Mary Baker Shaw and Amon Shaw


Mary Baker Shaw Dreamkeeper Award



"I come from a proud family that has been involved with education for generations. I want to work for you. We need to create more scholarships , more cultural opportunities and better communication for our At-large population. With over 30  years of  experience in healthcare and education, I know what it takes to find solutions, navigate the complicated tribal government , and get things done."
  • Double the tribes investment in college grants

  • Help keep college within reach for every student, regardless of where they live

  • Confront the loan burden our student’s shoulder, by doubling the tribe’s investment in Grant scholarships and expanding equal opportunities to All Cherokees

  • Provide opportunities for all college students to access scholarships, resources and opportunities through traveling workshops and seminars

  • Empowering all Cherokee Nation citizens by providing Cherokee Language learning opportunities through distance and face-to- face learning


  • Push to use gaming money to enhance and provide more language learning opportunities


  • Provide funding for outside resources that help develop cutting edge language learning technology

  • Push to improve the functionality of the Cherokee Nation website to better serve All Cherokee Citizens. We can and must do a better job communicating


  • Help establish hotlines and internet chat lines to help answer pressing questions that are important to all Cherokees

  • Establish monthly virtual town hall meetings in order to hear the needs , concerns and ideas of all Cherokees


  • Provide news communications that keep constituents up to date and informed of legislature, cultural opportunities and events

  • Enrich cultural outreach programs and increase funding for presentations and participation programs making Cherokee culture more readily available

  • Fight to provide equal funding to All Cherokee community groups.

 Health Care
  • Create scholarships that are designated for All Cherokee students, specifically with the purpose of serving the Nation in the field of health care and giving our citizens an

       opportunity to return home to serve the community.